Black Pepper

Elevate your culinary creations with the bold and aromatic essence of our premium black pepper. Sourced from the finest peppercorns, our black pepper delivers a robust flavor profile and adds a distinctive kick to your dishes.

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Pepper export from Vietnam is considered as the biggest supply all over the world, contributing 1/3 of global production and over 50% of trade volume (about 150,000 tons per year). Viliha is one of the leading pepper producers and exporters in the country.
Understanding that quality is the key to ensure long-term and repeated orders, our experienced team is working hard with supported by the most modern technology imported from Europe and two dedicated cleaning lines, a steam sterilization machine. We can commit a high standard of pepper to specific requirements.
– Grades available: Fair Average Quality (FAQ), Machine Cleaned (MC), ASTA 560/570 g/l, 5mm bold, Steam sterilized (HTST), Rainforest Alliance pepper (RA).

Viliha can supply all grades of black pepper whole including:
FAQ 200 G/L, 300 G/L, 400 G/L, 480 G/L, 500 G/L, 550 G/L
Rainforest Alliance Certified Pepper
MC Pepper 500 G/L, 550 G/L, 570 G/L, 580 G/L, 570 G/L BOLD
HTST (Steam Sterilized) 500 G/L, 550 G/L, 570 G/L
Steam Washed 500 G/L, 550 G/L
ASTA, ASTA ETO treated, ASTA HTST (Steam Sterilized)

With the automatic packaging line controlling metal, our facility can supply all size of packaging from slack bags of 25 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg or 50 lbs to bulk bags of 500 kg, 625 kg, and 725 kg.

Packaging materials are PP bag, jute bag or paper bag.