Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was clear: there is no proper platform for all the services. Vietnamese customers have to use different platforms for different services. Not only that, the platforms which the customers often use have unfair prices.

Why the hassle? Vietnamese consumers deserve better.

We created Viliha to give you a better alternative. We believe that Experiencing Service should be a pleasure, not a chore. Service should come to you at your convenience, and at attractive prices.
Viliha is the first website in Vietnam to provide the world’s best membership service at a fraction of the other membership service providers price. Every day, our Business development team is working with new partners to bring on board, so that our customers can use our services any time and any where. Our Services are not just limited, but are expanding to different categories.

Since we only partner with the best hospitality industries, you are guaranteed with total service satisfaction whether it is booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, dining, health care or shopping. Our Customer service team will constantly follow until the customer wow’s us.
Viliha aspires to become the No.1 online Membership Service provider in Vietnam. Our bigger ambition is to make our membership services more accessible to the entire Southeast Asia.